Day One Of BravoCon 2022 Is Being Compared To Failed Fyre Festival

Putting the CON in BravoCon?

October 14, 2022 4:51pm

Day one of BravoCon 2022 has been compared to the failed Frye Fest from 2017.

**Goodbye, FOMO!** (I hope you read that in Ken Todd‘s voice.)

Although BravoCon doesn’t seem anything near the disaster Netflix viewers saw in the 2019 documentary, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, BravoConners (can we call attendees that?!) took to social media to share their disappointment in the network’s second convention.


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Well, there you have it…

Bravoholics – if your boots were on the ground – please chime in and share your experience! If you weren’t there, do you still have FOMO? Sound off below.

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