Ariana Madix Reacts to the Vanderpump Rules Finale “You Guys Happy Now?”

Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix appeared on the Disrespectfully podcast and shared her thoughts following part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

During Thursday’s episode, Ariana Madix chatted with Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan about the much-anticipated part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion.


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In case you missed it, the conclusion of the reunion featured the cast watching together, for the first time, the last 5 minutes of the Season 11 Finale. Within those five minutes, Lala drops her famous “God” and “Beyoncé” comparison re: Ariana Madix’s choice to leave the finale party early. Tom Sandoval has a “hot mic moment” where he expressed joy at the tides changing on his former partner of 10 years.

The “breaking the fourth wall” of it all had Ariana’s refusal to film with Sandoval smack dab in the middle of it.

Ariana on Not Watching the Season

Ariana caught slack from her cast mates and viewers upon learning she didn’t actually watch the season.

The Something About Her co-owner maintains that even if she watched the season in totality, it would not have impacted how she carried herself throughout the three parts.

“Am I really going to sit there and correct every little lie? Interject? No, I’m not going to do that,” Ariana said.

“For what? For who? Who would I be doing it for?”

Ariana on Watching the Finale at the Reunion

“You see me mouth, ‘WTF’ to Scheana.”

Normally, production emails the cast with entire episodes. Ariana and Katie realized that because clips were missing, without explanation, it might be due to their effort to paint Ariana in a bad light.

“It felt very pointed towards me,” Ariana began. “We have her trapped in this room now.”

Ariana went on to say, “We didn’t get to break her down IRL, in the moment, so we’re going to retaliate by doing that right now in a place where she’s contractually obligated to be here.”

“Great I cried; you guys happy now?” Ariana said.

Katie jumped to her costars defense claiming the moment was “mean” and didn’t have a greater purpose other than to affect Ariana’s wellbeing.

“I gave them the best f-cking ending to what that season could have had in that moment.”

“It was real,” Katie agreed.

Both Ariana and Katie rationalize that Ariana’s departure from the finale party was more authentic than a manufactured conversation with Tom Sandoval. Ariana’s perspective is that ending would have been a “boring cap to a boring ass season.”

Authenticity on Vanderpump Rules

Katie and Ariana’s authenticity was questioned heavily during the reunion.

“I don’t have fake fights; I don’t create drama” Katie said. “I’m down to show it all.”

Reality TV historically plays up moments that the cast otherwise might not have had as intensely for the sake of the show. The VPR cast has admitted to doing this from time to time but assure fans that no storylines are contrived or faked for cameras.

“If you watch the season and don’t see how low I am? Then you need glasses” Ariana retorts.

Watch Ariana Madix on Disrespectfully, below!