Fans React To ‘Thirsty’ Taylor Ann Green Shoving Her Tongue Down Gaston Rojas’s Throat

taylor ann green southern charm bravo tv thristy

Out of her single era:

Southern Charm‘s Taylor Ann Green took to Instagram to prove she’s having a good time … and it’s giving major Cassie from Euphoria vibes.

The Bravo TV personality has a new guy in her life … and she wants everyone to know it.

Photos of Taylor donning a leopard-print cut-out bathing suit with her tongue in her man’s mouth have circulated the internet prompting a fiery reaction from Bravoholics.


Taylor is dating Gaston Rojas, who is roommates with Southern Hospitality bartender, TJ Dinch.

Taylor dated Shep Rose for two years before moving on to his friend, Austen Kroll and fans are convinced Taylor is desperate to make them jealous.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • This looks so thirsty. Taylor, you are better than this..
  • Taylor is such a let down
  • No place in THAT outfit for a Bible for sure! 😜
  • She is having a life crisis, we all have, letting her have her confused moment in life 😂
  • She’s embarrassing herself she’s clearly trying to make Shep jealous
  • She is definitely not one who can be a real friend to another woman
  • Not a good look sis
  • Just another nice Christian girl

See for yourself:


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