Lisa Barlow Exposes Monica Garcia For Hacking A “Private Security System” To “Spy” On Jen Shah

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Lisa Barlow had an interesting tidbit of information regarding the now-viral video of Monica Garcia and her mother engaging in a screaming match.

Lisa’s claim:

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star took to social media to allude that the first-season-superstar hacked into Jen Shah‘s home security system.

“This is the footage not videoed on a cell phone,” began the Bravo TV personality, “but by logging into a private security system to spy for months.”

RHOSLC fans respond:

  • I hope she winds up in jail
  • Such a gross invasion of privacy.
  • Why tf was she so obsessed with Jen is my question
  • She needs to be arrested, spying on someone is a crime. My goodness
  • Also this does not look like “hacking” this is a recording of a screen that I’m assuming she had access to as the assistant. You guys are making it sound like she like cyber attacked the Shah family wifi and broke into the security system. This is not Oceans 11. 😂
  • This is incredibly creepy
  • Monica and mom send a strong grifter vibe – I bet this is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Monica about to be Jen’s cellmate. ⛓️

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