Kendall Jenner Supports Jaden Smith After He Walked Out Of Kanye West’s Show

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Keeping Up With Kanye West…

As celebrities continue to come out against Kanye West‘s most recent controversial stunt at his Paris Fashion Week show, the rapper/designer’s ex-sister-in-law, Kendall Jenner, low-key responded to his antics … through a statement made by her friend/fellow celebrity spawn, Jaden Smith.

In case you missed it, Will and Jada Smith‘s son walked out of Ye‘s PFW show after he and his YZY models donned “White Lives Matter” shirts.

Since Queen Kendall is known for staying out of her family’s non-stop scandals, she subtly took to Twitter to ‘like’ Jayden’s posts regarding his decision to walk out of Kanye West’s fashion show in protest to his message.

Check out the tweets Kendall liked:

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