Jax Taylor Slams Randall Emmett For Gambling Away His Loan Money

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Randall Emmett still owes Jax Taylor money … $75,000 to be exact.

The Vanderpump Rules alum slammed his former friend for not only failing to repay a $75K loan but having the gall to take Jax’s cash to the casino.

Instagram’s @cici.loves.you reposted a message from the co-host of the When Reality Hits podcast sharing his frustration with the disgraced movie producer.

“Good old Randall currently in the Bahamas gambling and playing cash games with money he owes me… fucking scum bag.”


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In case you missed it, this is the first time the former SUR bartender exposed Randall’s debts.

“I’ve gotten massive texts from poker players, from producers, saying he owes everyone and their brother money,” claimed Jax. “I’ve got people reaching out to me with stuff that he doesn’t want online.”

“He’s got ex-poker players saying, ‘Hey. I’ve got some stories for you I know he doesn’t want public. Here they are. Maybe send them to your lawyer. That way maybe your lawyer can send it to his lawyer and say he’s going to put this on social media if you don’t pay.’”

“I have a bunch of stories on my phone that producers, writers, people he’s done wrong.”

Jax averred Rand is “even involved with the mob. Big-time poker players. We’re talking multi-millionaires that he owes and it’s all online.”

“I’m getting to the point that I’m going to have to post this on social media or take it to the LA Times. It’s a lot of money and I’m not a corporation – I’m a family guy and that money means a lot to me.”

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