Tom Sandoval Wanted Rachel Leviss To Leave Mental Health Treatment After She Said She Wasn’t “Safe To” Herself

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Content Warning!

Rachel Leviss is in her throwing Tom Sandoval under the bus era … and we are living for it!

During an episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the former Vanderpump Rules mistress described a package she received from Sandoval while she was at the Meadows Mental Health Facility.

‘Care’ package:

Rachel detailed the “three items” she received from Sandoval.

First, was a bluetooth lamp set that they could use while she was in Arizona. Second was an US Magazine with Rachel and Tom on the cover. Finally, there was a note that she decided hold onto without reading.

When the ex-VPR star “eventually” opened the letter, she realized how toxic Tom is.

“I started feeling sick to my stomach,” explained Rachel.

“The letter was so insulting to me and the work I was doing at this treatment facility.”

Sandoval “was basically saying, ‘In all of the years I’ve known you, I’ve never seen you so dependent on a place.'”  

Toxic Tom:

The worm behind Scandoval “was trying to convince me to leave the Meadows and come back to him.”

“I knew that wasn’t right for me for various reasons, but one of them I expressed to him.”

Rachel told Sandoval “I don’t think that I’m safe to myself if I leave right now at this point.”

Tom “tried to convince me to leave anyway.”

“That’s when I really knew this person does not love me and this is a love bomb tactic.”

“My therapist recommended cutting off all ties,” but Rachel felt a need to explain herself to Tom. Her therapist advised otherwise.

“So, you know, I just didn’t call him again and I blocked his number. Some people would consider that ghosting.”

“I think he was hurt by it because he didn’t get any closure,” concluded the former Bravo TV personality.

See for yourself:

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