Love Is Blind’s Clay Gravesande Blamed The “White Network” For His Edit

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Clay Gravesande from Love Is Blind got spicy on social media after he was accused of not being ready for marriage. 

Clayton took to his Instagram page to share a video that he captioned, “Reading the negative conspiracy theories about me knowing that they aren’t true.”

Fans immediately fled to Clay’s comment section to drop their opinion about his journey on Netflix‘s dating show … In particular, Clay saying ‘No’ to marrying Amber Desiree [AD] at the altar.

“Going on a show to get married, while simultaneously not feeling ready to be married is wild.”

Clay’s clap back:

In response to fans accusing him of “not feeling ready to be married,” Clay noted, “I was edited” by Love Is Blind’s production.

“Do you think [AD] followed me the whole way without me loving her?”

“And y’all keep bringing up the concept of the show. The concept is to see if love is blind. You make your own decision at the end. That’s how it’s supposed to go. The show producer even came out and said that.”

“Stop projecting shit in your life to mine,” continued Love Is Blind’s Clay. “But it’s all good. You need more context and I will provide that once everything is done.”

In another comment, Clay called out another social media user for falling for Netflix’s narrative.

“Believing a white network over your own people is even wilder,” added Clay.  

Love is Blind fans react to Clay’s response:

  • Blaming a YT Network that you trusted And signed up for in the first place is wild😂😂😂 You pulling the race card and gaslighting Is even Wilder
  • But for real.. in future don’t wait for someone to go to the altar to reject them. Be honest and be mindful of their feelings. That was heartbreaking and so difficult to watch 😨😨😨
  • BOY BYE Clay was not ready for Love is Blind imho
  • We live & learn, Clay. No judgment here.
  • You and your dad are messed up. Y’all need therapy real bad

Watch here:

Did Clay’s Love Is Blind journey end like you expected?