Brittany Snow Details Tyler Stanaland Cheating Allegations

Brittany Snow in a blue shirt against a wall holding her hair with one hand

Brittany Snow is giving fans a taste of what led to the demise of her marriage from Selling the OC’s Tyler Stanaland.

During the most recent episode of Call Her Daddy, the Pitch Perfect star clarified the cheating allegations and detailed what actually happened.


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“They took up a lot of energy, emotion, and time, and real estate in my head,” Snow began about the Selling the OC cast.

”I don’t want to give them anymore time and energy. Because then they would win, and they would get what they wanted — which was getting my time and energy.”

Snow and Stanland got engaged in 2019, and married March of 2020.

Shortly after the premiere of Selling the OC in 2022, the couple announced their separation. Snow officially filed for divorce in January of 2023, and the divorce was then finalized in July of that year.

“What people think happened, happened,” Snow said.

Despite the flirty nature Stanaland had with his costars, Snow revealed she didn’t know Stanland was cheating until watching the show.

“I had instincts but, because I was in love, I didn’t trust them.”

As a rather private person, Snow struggled with sharing her truth despite her ex making it public.

“I tried very hard to see it all from every side and release that anger because it doesn’t serve me.”

“I didn’t even want to go there.”

However, Snow doesn’t reflect on her marriage with bitterness.

“I don’t regret anything that happened, because I loved that time when we had it.”

When Cooper asked if she met the alleged woman Stanaland had an affair with she replied, “which one.”


I think Brittany needs to rally her John Tucker Must Die costars, and show Tyler Stanaland a thing or two!

Watch the full episode below!

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