Julia Lemigova And Adrianna de Moura Aren’t Sure How Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Went From “Having Sex 5x A Night To A Breakup”

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Real Housewives of Miami stars Julia Lemigova and Adrianna de Moura are in the dark regarding Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan‘s breakup … but that didn’t stop them from commenting on it!

During an episode of the Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, Julia admitted “We don’t really know what’s going on” before saying what was on many Bravo TV fans’ minds: “I think it’s really weird when you go from having sex five times a night to a breakup.”

Secrets … under Larsa Pippen’s butt:

“But,” continued Julia Lemigova, “Larsa has a tendency to keep a lot of secrets in general and also about her relationships.”

“She keeps things under the butt … You know the expression – You sweep things under the rug. Larsa swept it under her butt.”

“We don’t know much about her relationships and her in general. She keeps secrets.”

Confusion in Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen’s relationship:

“I’ve seen them genuinely in love,” added Julia before Adrianna jumped in.

“I think that were really into each other. You could see and feel the chemistry. They were really hot for each other.”

Marcus Jordan “gave her a promise ring. They were talking engagement.”

Adrianna thinks “something happened.”

“I think the pressure went off and I don’t know.”

She noted she hasn’t “spoken to Larsa, so I’m not going to sit here and create more rumors, but she must be really devastated. I feel bad for her actually.”

“We all thought the next step would be an engagement, so this breakup news is surprising to all of us.”

Larsa Pippen is green with envy:

Julia reminded the audience, “Relationships are a hard thing.”

On top of that, “Larsa’s very jealous.”

Do you remember “how jealous she got when saw my picture on Marcus’s phone? It was the most innocent thing, yet it created a wave. Who knows?!”

Breaking up is hard to do … even for Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen:

“If it’s true, I hope she’s not too heartbroken” added the RHOM personality.

“Even though we have our differences, if the break up is true – I feel really bad for her.”

“She was really in love and they seemed really cute together. [Marcus Jordan is] such a gentle, nice guy.”

“It came as a shock.”

“I don’t want to believe it is a permanent breakup because they were cute together.”

Like the rest of us, Adrianna and Julia are going to have to wait for The Traitors reunion for the deets!

See for yourself:

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