Tom Sandoval’s VPR Co-Stars Believe His Howie Mandel Interview May Get Him “Fired”

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Vanderpump Rules villain, Tom Sandoval, may be in hot water with the behind-the-scenes crew at Bravo TV.

After Sandoval’s revealing appearance on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, an insider spilled to The U.S. Sun the damage the TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner may have caused to his Bravolebrity status.

“The network had no idea Tom would be speaking out about the affair, and it’s caused several issues for the producers.”

The source explained that production “never would have allowed” Sandoval’s podcast appearance, especially since season 10 is still airing … and there’s immense hype surrounding the VPR10 reunion.

“They’re putting so much time and energy into making sure the rest of the season is better than any other season and hyping up the reunion. So, him pulling this b*tch move is basically producers’ worst-case scenario.”

Allegedly, execs have “been freaking out and basically scrambling since” Sandoval’s podcast appearance and “watched it in shock along with the fans.”

The insider noted the producers are “so f*cking p*ssed.” They feel Sandoval speaking out before the reunion airing  “is a big ‘f*ck you’ to all of them.”

“At this time, it’s unclear what kind of repercussions Tom will face for taking this interview, but the insider claims: ‘No one on the cast would be shocked or upset if he was fired.'”

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