James Kennedy Will Split ‘Sloppy Jo’ Merch Proceeds With Jo Wenberg

james ally sloppy jo merch

Ally Lewber convinced James Kennedy to share the proceeds of his  ‘Sloppy Jo’ merch with Jo Wenberg.

The number one guy in the Vanderpump Rules group apologized to Tom Schwartz‘s friend/hookup for making a joke … and merchandise … at her expense.

The merch:

In case you were wondering, the ‘Sloppy Jo’ merch features a cartoon ManWich with the words ‘Sloppy Jo’ written on the bottom bum. The top bun is adorned with feminine eyelashes and side eye. Written underneath the Sloppy Jo is ‘There’s Something About Her.’

The apology:

VPR‘s outspoken busser-turned-DJ had his girlfriend break the ice. “Alright, guys. Ally has something to say” about the Sloppy Jo merch.

Ally began, “Sorry about my ‘Sloppy James.’ I did not approve this message or the t-shirt.” James agreed, “She didn’t approve the t-shirt. I’ve already boosted the post somehow, so I can’t delete it.”

“But, I’m sorry and I love Jo. Nothing against her; I just thought it was a funny joke,” James continued. Ally jumped back into the Vlog to add, “And, you’re going to split the” proceeds with Jo. “I’ll split the dough with Jo,” joked DJ James Kennedy.

Bravo TV fans react to the Sloppy Jo merch:

  • Split the doe with Jo 😂😂😂😂 fucking hilarious!
  • Ally is the new Brittney. Has to keep apologizing for her man mistakes.
  • Not nice to say about a woman. Really terrible to put this out in the world
  • Haha! She got him to reluctantly split proceeds with Jo
  • She be checking him left and right lol
  • He did not want to split the profits 😂 But decent of him to apologize (after Ally told him to)
  • I love James so much 😂 the sloppy jo merch is hilarious
  • Why would Jo want money from that. Maybe James should donate the proceeds to an anti-bullying campaign.😤

What do you think about Ally convincing James to split the proceeds from the ‘Sloppy Jo’ merch to Jo Wenberg?

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