“Crushed” Tom Sandoval Hopes To Settle Rachel Leviss’s Lawsuit Out Of Court

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Tom Sandoval wants to settle the lawsuit Rachel Leviss filed against him out of court. 

Vanderpump Rules‘s villain was accused by the former beauty pageant contestant of recording “calls and videos of Leviss without her knowledge,” according to reports from Daily Mail.

The legal stuff regarding Rachel possibly taking Sandoval to court:

In case you missed it, Rachel accused Tom of “secretly recording their private communications and… capturing sexually explicit footage… without her knowledge or consent.”

Insiders claim the karaoke enthusiast was “unaware of the toll his actions had taken on Leviss and that he hopes to settle outside of court in a bid to avoid a ‘huge mess.'”

Nevertheless, “None of [the VPR cast] ever realized that this would take the toll” on her, spilled a source.

Scandoval goes to court:

Rachel “is demanding a jury trial” with Sandoval in court. “This would … create a huge mess. So, she will likely be paid off privately so that it does not get there.”

The former SURver remains “a shell of her former self” as she was “humiliated and villainized.”

Additionally, “Leviss is informed and believes that the explicit videos were recorded by Sandoval without her knowledge or consent in or around February 2023” which explains why Rachel would want to take  Sandoval to court.

“The two videos Leviss has seen depict her in a state of undress and masturbating.”

“Given Sandoval’s apparent practice of secretly recording their video calls;” however, “Leviss has every reason to assume there are additional illicit videos and/or photographs of her that she has not yet seen.”

Emotional manipulation:

“Tom is so crushed right now by this lawsuit, disclosed a Bravo TV insider. He thought Rachel was “the one he would spend forever with.”

Rachel taking Sandoval to court has the worm distressed.

The insider insisted that Sandoval only ever had genuine intentions towards Rachel. “Tom honestly thought that he and Rachel would ride off into the sunset together.”

Sandoval “was obsessed with her” during their affair.

Allegedly, Tom “loved her so much and was so sure that she was the one he would spend forever with. For her to turn around and sue him is so absolutely shocking.”

Do you think Rachel will follow through on taking Sandoval to court? Will Tom pay her off? Sound off below.