Rachel Leviss Calls Out Sexist Behaviors From Lisa Vanderpump

rachel leviss lisa vanderpump

Rachel Leviss called out sexism from Lisa Vanderpump.

The former Vanderpump Rules star recalled how LVP has a double standard for the female and male cast members, which has been evidenced a multitude of times on the Emmy nominated reality show.

Rachel on Lisa’s sexism:

During episode 10 of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the former beauty pageant contestant exposed LVP’s unsavory behaviors in dealing with women and men.

“I feel like it’s pretty typical for Lisa to really take men under her wing, and make sure that the men are OK.”

Rachel continued, Lisa “doesn’t really care about the women on the show as much” and her sexism on VPR shows.

“Like, to me, my perception of it, it seems like the woman are more disposable to her.”

“And [Lisa] has invested in the Tom Tom name and her business with [Tom] Sandoval,” explaining why Lisa’s sexism isn’t towards the men.

“So yeah, it’s like, okay if you were really concerned [about] Tom having dark thoughts, like, you have to have considered my mental states of mind as well because we both were going through the same thing at the same time.”

Lisa displayed her sexism toward women on Pump Rules, as per Rachel.

Fans react:

Dayummmm mic dropped
Well hell has frozen over… I agree with Rachel
Only female cast member that has the guts to stand up to LVP.
True story. Lisa was also quick to fire stassi and Kristin while kept Jax for years throughout repeated offensive behaviors
rachel is right. lisa and her sexism shows
She’s not wrong. Lisa coddles to the men and excuses their bad behavior all the time.
literally EVERYTHING she said is spot on! LVP loves when men, especially the younger ones fall all over themselves for her. But she doesn’t have respect for or care (truly) about other women.
She’s correct. Lisa comes off as misogynistic

Do you agree with Rachel regarding sexism and Lisa? Sound off below.

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