Bar One Employee Exposes Peter Thomas For Not Paying Staff In Order To Pay Back IRS Loans

"They're going to pocket your money because they owe hella money to the IRS."

May 30, 2023 11:35am

An employee from Bar One Miami Beach is exposing Peter Thomas for not paying his staff as well as some other sketchy business practices.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband is the subject of a financial scandal being documented on TikTok by @candicandycandee and is allegedly “under investigation.”

Peter’s debt:

The disgruntled employee (and rightfully so) took to social media to share her experience working for Cynthia Bailey‘s ex-husband.

“They don’t want to pay me my money. They owe me $1400.”

“Bar One,” she began. “All the receipts are here. They don’t want to pay me my money. I’m sitting here til the police come.”

“They owe me $1,409. They don’t want to pay me my money.”

The TikTok user called Peter a “fucking scammer” before calling out his shady business practices.

“Your checks bounce and you don’t want to pay people their money.”

“Give me my bread. Today.”

@candicandycandee @Bar ONE Miami Beach the General Manager (the worst in history) has been giving me the run around for a week now. Having me drive 40 minutes 3 days promising to pay me @peterthomasrhoa made a video wishing he would get the respect the white man does in the hospitality business but doesnt pay his workers properly. I bust my ass for that money and for that woman to tell me she not paying me because I was trying to tell her she was trying to short me is insane I sat there for a hr while she looked for my receipts and the VP sat her self at the bar and drank a gimlet on my last shift as the restaurant was going down the drain! This business needs to be investigated. Checks bounce and they pay workers under the table well pay me! #scammers #dontsupport #wontpayworkers im trying to make a honest living I have two kids and this how they do people who dont have much why does the rich steal from the poor this is insane #kandiburruss can you tell your friend to pay his workers he scamming us poor folk @kandiburuss ♬ original sound – Candi Can

The IRS:

Peter and the execs at Bar One Miami were accused of illegal business practices.

“You mad at me cause y’all some fraud. Y’all scammin.”

“Y’all pay your workers under the table. Y’all either pay them under the table or your checks bounce. Literally.”

@candicandycandee told her followers not to “ever try to work here because they’re not going to pay your money. You’re going to be waiting 3 weeks in the hole, you’re not going to get your bread.”

It gets worse …

“They’re going to pocket your money because they owe hella money to the IRS. They have to pay back all their loans that they owe people, so they pocket your money.”

“They pocket your money so they can pay their loans back. That’s why it takes you so long to get paid.”

@candicandycandee @Bar ONE Miami Beach @peterthomasrhoa this lady made me travel an hour to get paid after she told me 2 other days this week she was gonna give me my check and boom because she was trying to short me $600 dollars she told me she not paying me anymore! Yal scammed out. Yal have people working there with invalid ids and giving them cash under the table! She told me today because yal was under investigation that she was gonna pay me all my money and not take taxes but when I told her she was cheating me she changed her mind on paying me! Alesha is unprofessional and a scam artist in your circus just pay us so we can go on about our life. We trying to make a honest living and yal scamming us #scammers #fraud #fakefacade #theycantpayus #indebt ♬ original sound – Candi Can

Under investigation:

In another video, @candicandycandee uncovered a skeleton from Bar One’s closet … they are being watched.

“This lady told me she was going to pay me today – in cash – because they’re under investigation.”

@candicandycandee @Bar ONE Miami Beach #scammers #scamalert #wontpayworkers #irs #supposedtobeaw2employee #peterthomasisaFRAUD #PAYME #PAYME #PAYME #VIRAL ♬ original sound – Candi Can

As if I needed more reason to love and support this content creator, she called Papa Smurf out for not paying Cynthia her loan money back.

“Peter Thomas, you still owe Cynthia Bailey money, don’t you? Didn’t you take out your first loan for your first Bar One with her money?!”

“Pay her her money back and give me my $1,400 so I can go about my business.”

What are your thoughts regarding the allegations against Peter and Bar One Miami? Sound off in the comment section.


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