Monica Garcia Releases Her Mugshot Photo Alongside Her RHOSLC Reunion Look

monica garcia real housewives of salt lake city rhoslc mugshot reunion

Monica Garcia did the thing.

The latest addition to the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast took to social media to share a pair of iconic lewks – her RHOSLC season 4 reunion outfit and her MUGSHOT! 

“You know what I’ve really been thinking about how to drop this sh*t and truly, there is no better way than to do it with my reunion look,” began Monica.

“People are hella bent on ‘exposing’ me, but baby, I STAY exposing MYSELF.”

“I don’t need anyone to do that for me. I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops from day one, but I will say it again!


The controversial Bravo TV personality continued, “But your past does not have to define you and YOU control your story.”

“I have no problem taking accountability for my sh*t, but what I will not do is take ‘accountability’ for things that I did not do.”

“There is a difference. HUGE.”

“Not a person out there that can take my past and try to break me with it. I’ll own it all.”

“I hope this shows you all that is there is NO TABLE you do not belong at. NO FUTURE that you do not deserve. PERIOD. You belong and forget the ones that try to make you feel otherwise.”

“Bring on Bermuda, bitches.”

Bravoholics came out in droves to respond to the photos.

  • The supreme of Salt Lake City – we love you!!!!!
  • Monica DidNotCometoPlay Garcia 👏👏👏
  • Now, that’s how you clear the haters! Period!
  • Okay but that’s mugshot hall of fame material right there
  • mother is mothering
  • Just because you “own” your past doesn’t excuse the fact that your actions hurt people. Would love to hear less about how you’re “owning” your mistakes and more about what action you’re taking to become a better person.
  • Monica no one is perfect. I’m so happy you are able to show the world that is ok not to be. I love that you embrace every part of you and don’t hide it. You are by far my fav housewife since Kenya. 
  • Decided… this mugshot will be my new X profile cover.
  • A star. A legend. Icon. MENTION IT ALL  PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE QUEEN! We love and support you because you’re the REALEST REAL housewife we’ve seen in AWHILE!!!!! You were meant to be here!! LIVE IN THIS MOMENT AND DONT LOOK BACK BABY! 

What do you think about Monica dropping her own mugshot for the world to see? Sound off below.