Name ‘Em! Lala Kent Announces Which Vanderpump Rules Stars Buy “Fake Followers” On Instagram

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Lala Kent called out her Vanderpump Rules co-stars for buying fake Instagram followers.

First of all, Lala admitted that these stats were sent to her by a follower. Shout out to Instagram’s @BravoBuds for fact-checking the numbers Lala was given, as they do seem to be skewed based on who the VPR star is friendly with at the moment.

Ira, the creator behind @BravoBuds, noted they are currently taking social media marketing courses and found “discrepancies from different websites.”

**Notes: 1) Lala’s definition of inactive followers is “purchased bots.” 2) the below ‘fact checks’ are from additional sources than the one that Lala read from. That does not necessarily discredit her source. 

Timelines 👏 Proof 👏 Receipts 👏 Screenshots👏:

Naturally, Lala began with herself. She announced she has “2.36M” followers and “0 inactive, bitches!”

@BravoBuds confirmed Lala’s stats and cross-checked her info with another analytics website. The creator found Lala had “17.05% fake followers. So, 400,000 out of her 2.3M” followers are “fake.”

Lala continued, Ariana Madix “at this point in time, had 1.53M. She now has 2M, but her inactive is 707,000.” The fact check shows the star of Broadway‘s Chicago has 534K inactive followers, which is 24% of her following. On two additional sites, Ariana is shown to have 17.45% fake followers.

Next, Lala’s close friend, Stassi Schroeder, has “3.3M followers. o inactive,” according to Lala’s source. The fact check showed the VPR icon has 2,776,945 active followers and 536,042 inactive followers.”

Following Stassi is Katie Maloney. “@MusicKillsKate, 1.63M. Again, allegedly. It shows her inactive following is 43.6K.” (Lala got tongue tied here and I think meant to read a much larger number.)

Ira’s fact check shows Katie has “17.26% fake followers” from two sources. Additionally, the stats reflected Katie had 1,394,017 real followers (which is 83%) and 290,799 inactive followers (which equates to 17%).

Tom Sandoval. Scandoval himself. The man that looks ya dead in the eyes and tells lies. Guess what?! He’s rolling in at 1.01M and 0 inactive!” The fact check shows the karaoke enthusiast has 15.84% fake followers, which comes to 158,724 out of his million followers.

@BravoBuds clarified that Sandoval “actually gained followers during Scandoval. And, he’s lost them as time has gone on.” At one point, Sandoval did have 0 inactive followers, which is where Ira the fact checker thought Lala’s stat came from.

Finally, “Kristen Doute. 707,000 followers. 252,000 inactive. This game is fun!” The fact check revealed Kristen has 171,193K fake followers.

The math ain’t mathin’:

@BravoBuds stated they don’t think Lala should have given those numbers out on her Give Them Lala podcast without checking the source, who is a fan of her podcast.

As a result of the fact-checking, I agree with @BravoBuds in that Lala’s data was skewed favorably for her friends and unfavorably for those she has beef with at the moment.


Bravo TV fans react to Lala’s fake followers rant:

  • She’s publicly trashing Ariana and Katie every chance she gets too
  • For the record, I’m a big DWTS fan. I always follow the stars every season and typically mute them – not unfollow – when the show ends. Does that make me inactive?
  • Unfollowed everything Lala just recently, not digging the petty vibe
  • Thanks for fact checking! 🫶🏻 I’m a data nerd and enjoyed every second of this 🤓
  • Thank you. If Lauren from Utah’s mouth is moving there’ll be lies.

What do you think about Lala detailing the cast’s social media analytics and alleged fake followers?

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