Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Discuss the Max Boyens Hookup

Maloney, Kathan, and Boyens

Boyens is the name on everybody’s lips!

During Wednesday’s Disrespectfully episode, Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan discussed the “tattooed elephant” in the room – Max Boyens.

ICYMI: Brock Davies dropped a bomb last week that Katie Maloney and the former TomTom manager hooked up after James Kennedy’s set at Hotel Ziggy.

What makes this interesting is the interconnected through line Boyens SURved within the VPR friend group.

Not only is Boyens best friends with Katie’s ex-husband, Tom Schwartz, he also infamously dated Katie’s close friend and podcast co-host, Dayna Kathan.

“I wasn’t thinking about anything unfortunately. Which isn’t an excuse,” Maloney began during the April 3rd episode.

VPR historians went into a frenzy about the “cross contamination,” and the podcast hosts broke it down.


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Katie’s Perspective on the Max Hook Up

After finding out Schwartz had a secret rendezvous with Scheana Shay while in Vegas, the Something About Her co-owner no longer cared.

“He kind of blew up our whole agreement on not hooking up with friends or people in this group to bits when he did that whole thing with Rachel,” Maloney said.

Schwartz was not a factor in her decision to hook up with Boyens, however she knew her friendship with Kathan might be in jeopardy due to her decision.

“It was selfish, it was reckless, and [it] was a runaway train.”

It was later revealed that Maloney didn’t have an opportunity to tell Kathan about the hookup.

“Because it wasn’t on camera, and it wasn’t on the show, I wasn’t going to bring it to the show.” Maloney said. “The only person I would bring it to was you.”

Since Brock revealed Maloney and Boyens’ “relations” on the show, production had Maloney “hold it” and they “controlled” how she would break the news to Kathan.

Thank you Scheana and your 56 locations!

Dayna’s Perspective on the Max Hook Up

Kathan and Boyens dated throughout season 8 of Vanderpump Rules.

“I could not have a lower opinion of Max Boyens if I tried. It is in the gutter. It is at the core of the earth.”

Kathan chose not to return to the franchise as a series regular due it not making financial sense, “it’s not worth it to me.”

Kathan first day of filming for season 11 centered around she and Maloney discussing the hookup heard around the world.

“My initial reaction? I was shocked,” Kathan said.

Because of Kathan’s falling out with Boyens, she did not want any association with the storyline.

“My main thing about it is I do not want my name mentioned in the same sentence as his name for the rest of my life, and I’m sure that he also feels that way,” Kathan said.

Kathan went on to say she was perturbed by Maloney not considering their relationship before choosing to engage with Boyens.

“The thing that bothered me more than anything, is that this event happened between the two of you and you didn’t know if I would be upset about it.”

As mentioned, Production had a hand in the timeline of the events that unfolded.

“We obviously have talked about this privately. Also this happened in August, so it’s currently March,” Kathan said.

The duo revealed that reliving the situation has sucked, but they remain close.

“I was not going to let Max interfere with one more relationship in my life. You are one of my best friends.”

So, in summary, Katie and Dayna are GOOD. Disrespectfully, of course.

Watch Disrespectfully below.