Amanda Batula Says She Didn’t Think Lindsay and Carl Should Call Off The Wedding

Amanda Batula. Carl Radke. Lindsay Hubbard Wedding

As the voice of reason this season on Summer House, Amanda Batula is sharing the advice she gave to Lindsay Hubbard amid her rocky relationship with Carl Radke.

“Mine and Lindsay’s relationship has always been touch and go,” Batula began. “But there’s a lot of love for each other at the end of the day.”

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke have had an on again/off again relationship throughout series.

“I did try to kinda suggest just pushing it back a bit.”

However, in August of 2022, Radke proposed to Hubbard on the beach in the Hamptons. On September 11, 2023, the pair called it quits, ending their year long engagement.

“As someone else who got married and had a rough summer before getting married. You want to be in a really good place with your significant other before the wedding day.”

Early into the eighth season, Radke and Hubbard have already had a tumultuous time. Like, Hubbard accusing Radke of breaking sobriety or Radke opting to come out to the Summer House a day later to avoid their fighting cycle.

“I just felt like there were some things they weren’t meeting eye to eye on.”

Perhaps like making your partner make their best friend be a “flower boy.” Especially, when your partner officiated said best friend’s wedding.


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“Being there in the summer, I didn’t think they should call it off. I just thought that maybe giving them a little more time.”

Batula shares that Hubbard insisted she and Radke “were fine.”

“Never again, I heard ya,” Batula said regarding giving Hubbard additional advice.

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