Amanda Batula Says Kyle Cooke is a “Reflection of Me” After Fight

Summer House‘s Amanda Batula gave fans context as to why she was upset over Kyle Cooke’s dinner table convo.

“I understand it’s great tv, but this is my husband,” Batula began.

“This is like my other half. This man is a reflection of me.”

During episode 6, Start Your Engines, Kyle revealed to Craig Conover that Jesse Solomon has flirted with his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, all summer.

“I didn’t want Craig to freak out.”

Batula explained to Housewives Nightcap hosts Emily Orozco and Lauren Herbert that she initially was “silly” about it, but got upset after overhearing West, Ciara, and Jesse discussing the awkward moment.

“Why would you do that? You did hurt someone and now people are talking about it,” Batula said.

In case you missed it: Season 8 introduced two newbies — West Wilson and Jesse Solomon. While West and Ciara Miller have coupled up, Jesse Solomon had his eyes set on a “spoken for” Paige DeSorbo. DeSorbo and Conover have dated since 2019.

Thankfully the table had a sense of humor about it, but Batula was “anxious” at the thought of it going south.

“That could have been really bad.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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