Tom Schwartz Reacts To Shady Before And After Photos Of The Former Model

A Twitter user asked,

August 31, 2023 2:20pm

Vanderpump Rules star, Tom Schwartz, reacted to side-by-side photos featuring snaps from modeling days and his current ‘mid-life crisis‘ era.

Instagram user @pumprules posted a screenshot of Schwartz’s reaction to @ProstitutionWhore‘s comparison of the VPR star from then and now.

Tom responded “😂😭” to the post that asked, “How is this the same person?”

The VanderVerse was divided in their opinions of the post.

  • One is a model and one is Mrs. Doubtfire. That is all.
  • Yea the partying caught up to him? He looked nice when he was clean cut, but now he looks gross as “shaggy casual”.
  • But it’s a problem when someone went after Katie when she gained weight? Or Lalas plastic surgery? Geez… the hypocrisy of the fans
  • People mad about Shoeless Schwartz getting dragged like we didn’t see him tearing down LaLa and conspiring with Tim to film a smear campaign against Ariana. He can take it.
  • At least he’s able to laugh at himself. He looks fine in person. We all get older and that’s a bad angle. And the blonde hair isn’t the greatest. But he still has his sense of humor
  • It’s actually really rude. I bet whomever it was that posted that doesn’t look the same in that same timespan of years lol
  • Aww how cruel. We all get old and don’t look 25 anymore.
  • As if tom wasn’t already going through it with a midlife crisis and having association with a worm with a mustache, now he’s reeeallly gonna be down on himself 💔 poor t-schwa
  • Also boozen, coked out escapades don’t help!
  • In his Mickey Rourke era
  • I love Tom leave him alone he’s living his life 🙌

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