Tom Sandoval Blames Rachel Leviss For Scandoval: “She Made The First Move”

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Tom Sandoval can’t stop/won’t stop passing blame for Scandoval.

During an episode of Two T’s In A Pod, the ‘worm with a mustache’ managed to make himself look like an even bigger POS.

The Vanderpump Rules villain disclosed he thinks “it’s a really bad look [for Rachel Leviss] to keep pushing blame on everybody else.”

“She’s a 29 year old woman, continued the controversial Bravo TV personality before noting, “She’s not, like, 16, right. People seem to think that she’s, like, I don’t know.”

Believe it or not, the VPR star gets even more cringe …

“Like, [Rachel] really came into her own. I had this happen in my life. Like, it happened to me in eighth grade. I went from being this, like, ‘ew girls.’ Then all of a sudden I was like, this really confident guy.”

“I was, like, a great dancer. I became, like, super popular at my school and then I, like, the confidence went too far. Like, I need to get checked.”

“I became a bit of a douche.”

“That happened to me at a much earlier age. That happened to Rachel, like, last year.”

“She went and got this confidence and, like, she went too far.”

“You know she went too far and got herself in a position, but she did that to herself.”

“She came on to a guy in a relationship that was severely, you know like, I was depressed. I had no self-value.

Rachel “made the first move.”


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