Did Tom Sandoval Try Bribing VPR Fans To Vote Against Ariana Madix On DWTS?

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The hot mess express that is Vanderpump Rules continues to soar thanks to Petty Tom Sandoval. 

The VPR villain has allegedly taken his pathetic behavior to a new level.

**Please know this is gossip. Everything you are about to read is alleged.**

There’s a Reddit thread that claims the serial cheater behind Scandoval tried to bribe Bravoholics to vote against his former life-partner, Ariana Madix, on Dancing With the Stars.

Again, what you are about to read is alleged …

The thread began, “So I had recently gone into TomTom’s with some friends and [Sandoval] was there.”

“I am not proud of it because I am an Ariana fan but since he was hitting on us and giving free drinks we acted like we were Team Tom Sandoval.”

The Redditor continued, “The thing is he eventually mentioned that if we were to vote for Harry [Jowsey] at the time or Allyson [Hannigan] but not Ariana and show him he would hit us up.”

“Honestly I thought he was joking because he was drunk but we went with it.”

“Now a friend of ours was telling us that he did the same thing when she was there with other people. I am wondering if this happened to other women and men too? I don’t understand why [Sandoval] hates [Ariana] since she didn’t do anything. It was all him.”

Sandoval hitting on girls then asking them to not vote for Ariana on Dancing with the Stars..?!
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The VanderVerse showed up in the comments.

  • I actually believe this! Why didn’t she win?
  • I believe it 🤷🏻‍♀️😮‍💨
  • This is soooo Sandoval to be honest. Anyone else and I would be like, ‘Hmmm this might be fake, but he cannot stand seeing her succeed, especially now since he lost Special Forces and the Masked Singer.
  • Tom was holding Ariana back he wanted to be the STAR 🌟 but after the scandal Arian was getting all of these paid endorsements. Look at her first cocktail book Tom weaseled his way in didn’t want her to have her own accolades
  • Calling BS.. Tom is purposefully not talking about her or Scandoval… it’s obvious someone is trying to stir up BS !!!
  • I thought he said he was sober. I 💯 believe this tho. Thank god Ariana got away from him
  • Why can’t he let the mouse go
  • I would pay good money to see footage of him getting the news of her being on Broadway next month 😂

Despite Sandoval’s alleged efforts, Ariana made it to the DWTS finale and placed third.

The former SUR bartender also just released a cocktail book, Single AF Cocktails, and announced she would play the iconic role of Roxie Hart in Broadway’s Chicago for eight weeks in 2024.

Do you think there is any truth to the rumor that Sandoval tried bribing babes with free drinks to sabotage Ariana on DWTS? Sound off below.