Former RHONY Star Bethenny Frankel Claims Illness Has Worsened Post-Covid And Post-Vaccine

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Bethenny Frankel is suffering a health crisis that she says has only worsened since getting covid and being vaccinated.The former Real Housewives of New York star took to her Instagram stories to address the elephant in the room … her changing appearance.

She says it’s all related to her struggle with POTS disease, a blood circulation disorder that has caused the humanitarian extreme dehydration, among other symptoms.
The Big Shot with Bethenny host claims her disease has magnified since COVID and getting the vaccine. “I can tell you for a fact … post-covid, post-vaccine, this thing is way worse,” explained the BStrong founder. 
“I know that this is a monstrous beast after the past couple of years. It used to be something to be managed. This is something totally new.”

She called for “researchers and scientists” to “open their eyes.”

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