Paige DeSorbo Says Danielle Olivera’s Opinion of Her Relationship is “Selfish”


Paige DeSorbo was not happy with Danielle Olivera coming for her relationship with Craig Conover during the most recent episode of Summer House.

During the April 18 episode, Close Encounters, Danielle voiced that she thinks Paige “gives Craig nothing” in their relationship.

“I know how much I do for Craig and I could literally write a book on it,” DeSorbo said during the Summer House After Show.

Paige and Craig began dating in the Fall of 2021, and have been in a committed, long distance relationship since. Conover stars in Bravo’s Southern Charm, which films in Charleston, SC, while DeSorbo’s anchor is in New York City.


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“I just kind of ate it in that moment. I brushed it off because I was like, ‘I don’t think you know anything about literally anything, but that’s your own journey, and I’m not apart of it’,” the Summer House star vented.

DeSorbo and Conover’s relationship status has been in the hot seat this season – with houseguests and fans alike wondering where and when the couple will lay roots. But especially where.

With DeSorbo on the hunt for a new apartment in the city, she was not eager to take Conover’s financial assistance, prompting Olivera’s critique.

“I know in my heart and head how much I’ve done for Craig, in terms of his self esteem, his health, I’ve changed his hair and he looks phenomenal.”

Ultimately, DeSorbo found Olivera’s opinion “one-sided” and “very selfish.”

“Danielle is the type of person that kinda prides herself on being honest, and ‘I say what I feel’, but when you try to reciprocate that to her, she wants none of it.”

“Does that answer the question?”


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Do you think Danielle Olivera was out of line for telling Paige DeSorbo she gives Craig nothing?