Love On The Spectrum U.S. – Where Are They Now?

love on the spectrum us where are they now dani connor tanner abbey david james
If you’re looking for something wholesome on the internet, we’ve got you …

Love On the Spectrum U.S. brought people together.

The purpose of Netflix‘s dating show was intended to give an inside look what dating looks like for young adults with autism, but delivered so much more.

While getting to know the autistic cast, we learned how supportive families and communities can enrich the lives of those on the spectrum … and how having people on the spectrum can enrich our ‘normie’ lives, too.

Even though the show didn’t deliver love for all of its cast members, it appears all parties involved left the show more confident and with new friends and support systems.

Where are they now?

Dani Bowman

The founder and CEO of DaniMation is living her best life.

Dani recently posted videos from a karaoke party she hosted (that looked hella fun, ftr.)

The hilarious animation lover even took a spin [pun intended] at DJing.

Although Dani’s on-again-off-again romantic partner, Adan, wasn’t in attendance – Dani commented he had to work – the couple is still going strong.

We love to see it!


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Abbey Romeo

Our real-life Disney princess is doing her thang!

Abbey has multiple Instagram endorsements, a popular merch shop, and is selling handmade beanies on her website.

The Lioness and her Lion King are happy as ever.

David (aka the best boyfriend ever) took Abbey on a pre-Valentine’s Day getaway in Anaheim where the couple plunged down waterslides (don’t forget, Abby can swim!), went bowling, and played miniature golf.

*Let David be a role model to all people in relationships*

James B. Jones

A self-proclaimed “proud nerd who enjoys outdoor activities and indoor games equally,” James is still on the hunt for love.

James’s Instagram page tends to focus on the renaissance fair enthusiast’s daily takes on what’s happening in his life, but you will also get some hard truths about the world in the mix.

My man has a point here …


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Kaelynn Partlow

As an autistic therapist and advocate, Kaelynn also spends her time around dogs … her other passion.

Homegirlie slayyyyeed in naming all the different breeds of doggos!

Who needs a man when you can spend time with all these adorable pups?!?!

Subodh Garg

This sports fan and travel enthusiast’s lust for life has only increased since he appeared on Love On the Spectrum US.

His Instagram page reflects the good times Subodh shares with his sister and parents as well as other Netflix personalities, like Abbey, David, and Dani!

Fans were disappointed that Subodh wasn’t included on the second season of LOTS, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have him on your screen …

Subodh is on Cameo. You can book your personal message here!


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Steve Spitz

The 63-year-old gentleman is still seeking love.

In an interview with Tudum, Steven dished, “I am putting some feelers out as well as some online chatting, although nothing serious as of yet. I am hopeful to meet someone who is meant for me.”

Steve hopes to find someone to “start making some brand-new memories” with in San Francisco.

Connor Tomlinson

The sword collector keeps his followers entertained with stories of the Royals, recommendations on what to watch, and fun facts.

And, yes, about half of Connor’s content is complete with a British accent.

Tanner Smith

After making his television debut on season 2 of LOTS US, Tanner has used his platform to spread positivity.

Tanner can be found squeegeeing mirrors at the Shepherd Hotel, hanging with friends from the show, and even guest reading in an elementary school classroom.

The book, My Sister Can Too, was written by Nicole Delay – a mother of an autistic daughter.

Tanner’s mom described seeing her son reading a book about autism written by an autism mom as a “full circle moment” that she is “thankful” for.


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Journey Early

The 19-year-old pastry student was diagnosed with autism only two years ago, and has since “given her the confidence to rediscover parts of herself that she suppressed for the sake of seeming ‘normal.'”

According to USA Today, Journey is “allowing herself to paint what brings her joy and setting social boundaries with friends.”

That way, Journey has time for her other interests, like sewing and playing piano.


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Which of the cast members would you like to return for the show’s potential third season? Drop names below.