Lala Kent’s Jealousy Hit A New Low When She Implied She Loved Her Dad More Than Ariana Madix Loved Hers

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Lala Kent‘s jealousy of Ariana Madix hit a new low when the mother of one (and one on the way) pondered who loved their dad more.

This feels so icky.

The outspoken Vanderpump Rules personality took to her podcast, Give Them Lala, to drag the Dancing With the Stars finalist/Broadway star for setting boundaries with her ex-life partner of nine years who cheated on her with her ‘close friend’ for nine months.

First, Lala dissed Ariana’s friends:

Before Lala made her way to Ariana’s dad (who passed in 2015), she threw shade at the people Ariana surrounds herself with. “Ariana’s friends do podcasts, like, Brad by BradLogan [Cochran] posts things.” Lala made it clear if any of her friends “EVER fucking showed up on a podcast or posted about Vanderpump Rules, I’d have their heads on a platter.” She laughed, “If Jessica went and started talking, like, what?!?!”

“The people they [Ariana and Tom Sandoval] surround themselves with is so scary.”

Next, Lala insulted her co-star’s new house:

Both Ariana and Lala bought new homes recently. Ariana is the proud owner of a $1.6M home in the Hollywood Hills, while Lala bought a $3.1M home in Sherman Oaks.

“It’s not like the new house is some monstrosity. It’s a little three bedroom…”

Finally, Lala brings up the dads:

Lala recalled, “When my dad died and I was acting out, Ariana sat me down and said, ‘When my dad died, this is what happened and how the group treated me.’ She’s showing me a window into what this looks like with this group.”

“So, when I bring things up that I’ve experienced, I’m hoping I can show her a window. There are nuances. She may not have been as close with her dad as I was with my dad. No one situation is the same.”

What’s your opinion of Lala comparing the love she has for her dad to the love Ariana has for hers?