Jo Wenberg Claims She Didn’t Wear Gold Jacket She Was Photographed In At VPR Finale Party

jo gold jacket vpr 11 finale party

Vanderpump Rules ‘friend of’, Jo Wenberg, attempted to clarify whose gold jacket she wore/didn’t wear at the VPR season 11 finale party. Tom Schwartz‘s former fling took to Instagram Live to make goat noises and answer Bravoholics‘ questions.

Unfortunately for Jo, the masses wanted the full story about the (alleged) random gold jacket guy from at the finale party who started a physical altercation. ICYMI, @realityops posted a photo of Jo wearing the random guy’s gold jacket and the VanderVerse wants answers.


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Jo claims not to know gold jacket guy:

“No one knows [the identity of the gold jacket guy]. I will speak on my behalf – I don’t know who that person was. In the finale, you see Sandoval run past and then I’m like, ‘[makes odd sound]’ and then I asked Sandoval if he was ok. You don’t see [on camera] that I face-planted and Sandoval was like, ‘Are you ok?’ I was like, ‘Ugh. Yes.” Before that I had walked past the cameras like, ‘Oh my god’ because I had just fallen on my face, but they didn’t show it.”

Jo says she never wore a jacket, but if she did, it was Schwartz’s:

When asked about Jo wearing the jacket “Do you guys have the right person? What jacket are you talking about? I wore a black jumpsuit the whole night.” Visibly upset, Jo’s tone changed. “I never had a jacket. Stop talking and asking that question. That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard.”

“When was I wearing his jacket? If anything, I was probably wearing my Schwartz’s jacket. I don’t know who you’re talking about. Let’s cut the crap on that.

Jo claims the jacket belonged to her friend:

When someone brought up that there was a photo of her in the jacket on Reddit, “Good. Cool. Scheana [Shay] had three jackets brought to her and two of the three were incorrect. The jacket that I was wearing, if anything, was meant for my friend Jeremy. Why the fuck are we talking about that? You guys need to move the fuck on with the dumbest shit.”

“I only wore a jacket from my friend Jeremy and Israel [Issac]’s jacket. I don’t know who the weirdo is. If you’re talking about the actual finale, the jacket I wore was Schwartz’s and then it was our friend Jeremy and then after that… I don’t remember.”

*If this transcription didn’t make sense, it’s not you. It’s Jo. This took much longer to transcribe than I’d like to admit!*

Bravo TV fans react:

  • at first, I really liked Jo! But this?? I don’t ever want to see her on my screen again.
  • Never thought I would ever agree with Katie on anything but with this one… I’m totally with her
  • To quote Katie “Jo you’re a liarrrr”
  • “I was wearing Schwartz’s jacket” “Scheana had 3 jackets” “My friend Jeremy gave me his jacket!” Stick to a story please!I’m old enough to remember when Katie was right all along about this creep. 
  • Baby Reindeer alert the call is coming from inside the house


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Fan theory:

Pump Rules fans think Tom Sandoval may be behind the kerfuffle at the finale party as part of his redemption arc.

What’s your opinion of Jo’s explanation of the gold lame jacket she said she didn’t wear, but wore at the VPR 11 finale scuffle?