Brittany Cartwright “Pays all the Bills” in Shared Home with Jax Taylor

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The Valley star Brittany Cartwright opened up to Amanda Hirsch, host of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, to detail she and Jax Taylor’s living situation post separation.


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In case you missed it, on February 29, 2024, Brittany announced on her and Jax’s podcast, When Reality Hits, that the pair were separating after four years of marriage.

Reality TV fans questioned the validity of the separation when news broke just weeks prior to the series premiere of the Vanderpump Rules spinoff, The Valley.

Both Taylor and Cartwright maintain the separation was not “a publicity stunt.”

“The only reason I ever said anything publicly was because the Instagram investigators could tell I was staying in a different house,” Cartwright begins.

“I feel like people should know my character. I would never do that, and I would never put my son through this if it wasn’t real.”

Cartwright moved out of their shared home on January 24 following a fight that happened on her birthday.

“I’ll just keep spending a shit ton of money on Airbnbs until we figure out what we are going to do.”

Though Cartwright has lived in an Airbnb since January, she still pays for all the bills in their Valley Village home.

“I pay all the bills, all the stuff for school and Cruz, and insurance, and car and all that.”

Cartwright and Taylor purchased their home back in May of 2019, where Cartwright “put down just as much money as Jax did” when purchasing. Yet, she still pays for her Airbnb and the bills in their home, while Jax is only responsible for the mortgage.


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Hirsch asked Cartwright the million dollar question we all want to know, will the couple reconcile?

“He wants me to move back into the house and live in the main bedroom and him live in the guest bedroom. I’m like, ‘we are not pulling a Tom and Ariana’,” Cartwright teases.

Do you think there is a world where Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor reconcile?