VPR's Tom Sandoval Sings "Schwartzie Can't You See Raquel Is Hot For Me" At Karaoke Concert

May 6, 2023 1:07pm

During a recent Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras show, Vanderpump Rules villain, Tom Sandoval, sang a different tune to the Fountains of Wayne song, Stacy’s Mom.

In the diddy that Sandoval renamed Schwartz’s Mom, the karaoke enthusiast switched out another lyric that got Bravoholics talking …

Instead of singing ‘You’re just not the girl for me,’ Sandoval screeched ‘that Raquel is hot for me’ before finishing the chorus.

**Despite the creator captioning the video “Raquel is not for me,” if you listen closely, you will hear the cheater sing “Raquel is hot for me.”**


Don’t believe my 43-year-old ears?

Scheana Shay confirmed Sandoval squealed Raquels is HOT for me, rather than NOT for me.

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