Rachel Leviss Blames Music Festival Photos For Losing Thousands Of Instagram Followers

rachel leviss lost Instagram followers

Rachel Leviss blames “posting all of my festival photos and videos” for losing thousands of Instagram followers. Vanderpump Rules fans flooded the former beauty pageant contestant’s comments to give her a healthy dose of reality.

Tom Sandoval‘s ex-sidepiece posted a photo of herself posing at the Lightning In A Bottle music festival to her Instagram page with the caption, “Welp, I’ve lost 8K followers since posting all my festival photos and videos… oh well. Thank you to the real ones that have been supporting me and want to see me thrive! ily 🫶🏼 Here’s a pic of me and that dandelion I love 🦋.”

Keep in mind, the timing of the festival correlated with the season 11 VPR reunion finale when Ariana Madix broke down recollecting her emotional state post-Scandoval … and how her former life partner’s paramour can’t keep her name out of her mouth.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I have tried to be understanding, we all make mistakes in life and tried to be impartial but the “I lost followers poor me” 🛑
  • You probably lost followers because you’re suing the woman who’s life you helped to blow up 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • The fact you think it’s about the festival photos shows how much you have not grown. It’s got nothing to do with that 😂😂.
  • Why do you even care about number of followers. This is the kind of immature thing to say that shows the world you haven’t changed.
  • I follow because I felt bad at first & sympathized .. but I think the reason people are unfollowing is simply how you handled the situation after the fact .. seemingly not taking any responsibility & playing victim in something you had a big part in
  • Now you’ve lost more 🤣 Always playing the victim.👏 You play the Bambi-Eyed 🐶 part well.
  • Nah. It’s because you continue to act like the victim and are villainizing the person who is the actual victim of your repulsive actions


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Do you think Rachel actually believes she lost followers because of the excessive festival photos, or is she delulu AF? Sound off in the comments.