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Get'n Cozy with Married at First Sight's Dr. Viviana Coles

As a longtime fan of Married at First Sight, it was an absolute dream to have Intimacy Expert Dr. more

Get'n Cozy with Kristy Katzmann

From her time on The Bachelor to becoming the lead on Fox's Reality TV show "Labor of Love," Kristy more

Get'n Cozy with The Bachelorette's Mama Moynes

*Exclusive* We met Emily "Mama Moynes" in Canada during Blake Moynes' hometown date on this season more

Get'n Cozy with Therapist Joni Dickson Garcia

Licensed therapist Joni Dickson Garcia joins me this week to discuss re-evaluating our lives more

Get'n Cozy with Fboy Island's Matt Chamberlin

Matt Chamberlin from HBO Max's Fboy Island joins me on this week's episode! What was he doing more

Get'n Cozy with Fboy Island's Mark Moran

I'm incredibly excited to announce I am officially a HBO Max partner and will be bringing you more

Get'n Cozy with Erin Ramsey, Host of You're Such a Catch Podcast

The People's Choice nominated podcaster and manifestation coach, Erin Ramsey, joins me on this more

Get'n Cozy with Blake Horstmann from The Bachelorette

This week I get up close and very personal with Reality TV personality Blake Horstmann from Becca more

Get'n Cozy with The Bachelor Degree Podcast

Jill Morgan and Maddie Moore co-host The Bachelor Degree Podcast, a weekly show that sets you up more

Get'n Cozy with Gabriel Veiga

The host of The Very Creative Podcast, Gabriel Veiga joins me on this episode! Gabriel is also the more

Get'n Cozy with Kate & Allison of The Dipp

What is The Dipp? It's a website that allows you to read articles about your favorite shows, more

Get'n Cozy with Stephen Lovegrove, America's Life Coach

Stephen Lovegrove, America's Life Coach, takes entrepreneurs, celebrities, and world leaders to the more

Get'n Cozy with The Big Shot with Bethenny's Nicole Rose' Stillings

Nicole Rose' was easily the most polarizing character on the hit reality tv show The Big Shot with more

Get'n Cozy with The Conversation Coach, Darius Brown

Meet Darius Brown, The Conversation Coach! He's a speaker, an author, and a strategy coach, not more

Get'n Cozy with Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is best described as a female Dr. Phil with a twist of Bethenny Frankel! Her more

Get'n Cozy with Kimberly Vick from The Bachelor

Kimberly Vick was on Season 14 of The Bachelor, with pilot Jake Pavelka. She shared her emotional more

Get'n Cozy with John Joseph, The CEO of What You Don't Know!

Singer, actor, influencer, and overnight TikTok sensation, John Joseph joins me this week! He's more

Get'n Cozy with Kate Casey

This week, Kate Casey, the host of Reality Life with Kate Casey, and mama of five, joins me to chat more

Get'n Cozy with Marcus Pierce from The Bachelorette

This week we go back to 2004, when Marcus Pierce was on Season 2 of The Bachelorette! (Season 18 is more

Get'n Cozy with We Met at Acme's Lindsey Metselaar

Reality TV and Relationships go hand in hand, so this week I got cozy with Lindsey Metselaar, host more

Get'n Cozy with Tik Toker Morgan Wright

I don't know about you, but I am absolutely obsessed with TikTok, especially the accounts that more

Get'n Cozy with Natalie & Ashley from Can I Steal You For a Second?

This week, I'm joined by Natalie Zamora and Ashley Young from Can I Steal You for a Second Podcast! more

Get'n Cozy with Jennifer Hurvitz, Best Selling Author and Dating Expert

My guest this week is best selling author, award winning podcast host, TED Speaker, and dating more

Get'n Cozy with Ariba Bhuvad, Editor and Podcaster

Ariba Bhuvad is the editor for Accept this Rose website, a news and opinion site about The Bachelor more