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The Greaves Family and horses are almost synonymous. When Tony was born, his family was raising Shetland ponies and his granddad had horses before that. Of course previous to that, everyone who lived in the country depended on horses for transportation and for work. According to Tony’s mother, he learned to walk by holding the halter of his first pony. Tony couldn’t say “dappled filly,” calling her “Daffy,” and it stuck. Daffy was his pony who he rode and drove until he went away to college.

People ask, “Why miniatures?” When Tony was in elementary school he had a “funny book” (later called “comic book”) about Bozo the Clown in which Bozo had a circus with animals so small that they were carried around in a briefcase and performed on a table top. Tony said, “That’s the size of animals that I want.” He hasn’t gotten them that small yet, but has certainly made headway with some of our smallest horses being 25”.

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