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Episode 52: Group Dynamics + Tammie Brown + Dragula

It’s the first group challenge of the series with the queens channeling Destiny’s Child in more

Episode 51: The Pilot of the Pilot (Plus Kashi Go Lean and Nightgowns!)

We're going back to the show's humble roots this week with our deep dive into Episode 1 of the more

Episode 50 - Drag Race Season 9 Reflection, Summary, And Off-Season Alright Mary

With Season 9 officially over, we take a look back at the looks we lived for, the quotes we'll be more

Episode 49: Drag Race Season 9 GRAND FINALE! Recap & Review

Our Season 9 queen has officially been crowned, in one of the most entertaining finales of the more

Episode 48: Drag Race Season 9 - Reunited Recap & Review

The Real Housequeens of the Workroom reunite to, quite frankly, tear each other to shreds. RuPaul's more

Episode 47: Drag Race Season 9 - Category Is... Recap & Review

We’re down to the Final 4, Mary’s! This week, Sasha, Shea, Trinity and Peppermint are rapping, more

Episode 46: Drag Race Season 9 - Gayest Ball Ever Recap & Review

This week, the queens go not quite balls-to-the-wall for the Gayest Ball Ever. Rainbows and more

Episode 45: Drag Race Season 9 - Makeovers: Crew Better Work Recap & Review

It’s Season 9 at its most meta—the queens are dragging up members of the production crew for more

Episode 44: Drag Race Season 9 - Your Pilot's on Fire Recap & Review

The queens team up to write, produce and star in television pilots that range from must-see TV to more

Episode 43: Drag Race Season 9 - RuPaul Roast Recap and Review

No one's safe at a roast, chickens--especially one this undercooked. This week, the queens practice more

Episode 42: Drag Race Season 9 - 9021-HO! Recap and Review

The queens are giving us 90’s nostalgia this week with “9021-HO”—a throwback to a time more

Episode 41: Drag Race Season 9 - SNATCH GAME! Recap & Review

It is the high holy day of the season, Mary--Snatch Game! The queens are bringing their best more

Episode 40: Drag Race Season 9 - Reality Stars: The Musical Recap and Review

The kweens are keeping up with the kountry's kraziest--okay, enough of that. it's Kardashian the more

Episode 39: Drag Race Season 9 - Good Morning Bitches Recap & Review

Rise and shine, ladies! The pressure is on to have a personality as the queens are tasked with more

Episode 38: Drag Race Season 9 - Draggily Ever After Recap & Review

The queens are tasked with creating their own fairy tale princesses (and problematic sidekicks) in more

Episode 37: Drag Race Season 9 - She Done Already Done Brought It On Recap And Discussion

The queens are tumbling for their lives this week in a cheerleading challenge that, frankly, left more

Episode 36: Drag Race Season 9 - Oh My Gaga! Review and Discussion

The wait is over, Mary! Season 9 has officially begun, and we are Gaga-GAGGED! We are given looks, more

Episode 35: The First 20 Minutes of Season 9! + S9 Predictions + Misogyny Real Talk

Thanks to some altruistic attendees of the Season 9 premiere party and an apparent wealth of memory more

Episode 34: A Closer Look at the Season 9 Queens: Part 3 + Premiere Party Performances

Tyra Sanchez is offering no Ru-pologies on Twitter while Venus D’Lite takes to Facebook Live to more

Episode 33: All Stars 3 Fantasy Cast + A Closer Look at the Season 9 Queens: Part 2

We're living our All Stars 3 fantasy this week with a wish list of runners-up from seasons past we' more

Episode 32: Queening Out on the Season 9 Trailer + Premiere Announcement!

The wait is over, Mary's! Season 9 of Drag Race is officially premiering on March 24th, and with 30 more

Episode 31: A Closer Look at the Season 9 Queens: Part 1 + The Comeback

With the Season 9 premiere just around the corner, we get to know the queens a little better in a more

Episode 30: Drag Race Season 6 - REUNION & CROWNING Recap + End of Season Awards!

Reunited, and it feels okay. All of the eliminated queens have returned for a brief catch-up with more

Episode 29: Drag Race Season 6 - SISSY THAT WALK Recap

Our final four queens are in the last lap of the race—time for some Sissyography, some fabulous more