We Mingle with Nick Yu He, Author of 2 Dads 3 Girls

August 26, 2019 9:49pm

Nick Yu He, author of 2 Dads 3 Girls, a best-selling memoir, embodies a vulnerability and honesty that’s rarely found. Be prepared for a raw and intimate look into his life as a confused straight boy from China. His book is a celebration of courage, love, and perseverance that results in a beautiful family. “Nick shares the happiness and sadness on the journey to come out to himself, his parents, and friends; learn about gay culture in America, cherish his Chinese heritage, find his first love, and create a family through surrogacy.” -2 Dads 3 Girls
And to Phoebe, Hanalei, and Chelsie, you have two amazing daddies.

Visit his website, www.2dads3girls.com
Purchase his book on Amazon

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