VPR: Scheana Marie In The Hospital

The SURver has documented her IVF process.

January 20, 2019 4:41pm

It’s all happening for Scheana Marie! The Vanderpump Rules star posted a photo of herself on social media telling her followers her fertility plans, from her hospital bed!


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Today’s the day! Bye bye eggs! For me personally, this has been a very easy, painless and awesome experience. Everyone is different I’m sure. I am single and no where near trying to have a baby. So for me- yes, this was an easy process and when i say painless, I’m referring to the needles which i have no problem with. My AMH levels were only at .28 and for my age that’s insanely low. That’s disappointing to find out. It was an awesome experience to see everything that goes into freezing eggs. My doctor highly recommended for me to do this to have a better chance at a healthy baby down the road. I have learned so much about fertility and everything that goes into freezing eggs and IVF. You never know what will happen in life. @scrcivf and @drshahinghadir have been so amazing throughout this entire journey! Thank you to all of my super supportive followers who have been thru this and given me advice. If you are in your late twenties/early 30s and able to afford it, I highly recommend this! We retrieved 12 eggs and only got 9 mature of those, so I am already planning a second round this summer bc the more the merrier and better chance of being viable once fertilized down the road! In no way am I trying to minimize those struggling with infertility by saying this is “easy”. I’m not trying to have a baby right now, so this was an easy decision for me to make and thankfully I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford it. My heart goes out to all of the women struggling with infertility. I could likely be in that boat one day which is why I’m being proactive now with such low AMH levels. I’ve also had numerous women reach out thanking me for sharing this bc if they knew sooner that this was an option, maybe they wouldn’t be struggling with infertility issues. This is MY post about MY journey. Thank you all for following me on this journey… ♥️🥚 and to all of the negative and uneducated comments on this post, check out the next episode of @scheananigans where my DOCTOR answers all of the questions men and women need to know.

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Scheana Shay Marie said on WWHL, “I’m freezing my eggs right now … Literally, like, right now. Like, shots. I’m on day nine today.” The former fling of Brandi Glaville’s husband is not going to stop telling her story. She’s spilling her fertili-tea on her podcast, Scheananigans.


Though she insists she is currently single, Scheana is mindful of of her future family planning. Let’s hope the Good As Gold goddess can find a nice guy who can hang a tv in seven minutes or less.

Do you think Scheana is being smart in planning for her future family, or is she acting impulsively…as she has tendency to do. Let me know in the comments!


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