VPR: Jax Taylor: Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Let's take a closer look into the products Jax endorses...

December 19, 2018 12:38pm

To say that Brittany Cartwright has brought the best out of Jax Taylor would be an understatement. Who knows where Jax would be if he didn’t have the love and support of his beautiful bride to be?

Well, Jax has been hustlin’ to be a provider for his fiance, much like Jax’s late father was for his family. Not only is Brittany’s beau bartending again at SUR, but he is also killing the game with endorsement deals. Let’s take a look at Jax is earning all of his side cash.

Let’s start with @teamiblends

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Britt and I started our New Years resolutions early because we've both been working towards a healthier lifestyle! We went to a bunch of holiday parties and we've been eating so much good food that I felt like I was losing some of my progress. I've spent all of Dec. being a #teamipartner and I've been so consistent with drinking my @teamiblends detox program so I don't miss out of any results. I'm feeling really lean on this program, and I'm seeing more progress than ever even during the holidays. I've kept up with the gym and eating right during which shows the best results for me. Let me know how it works for you! Use code JAX30 for 30% off yours. I love hearing your feedback guys. #thankyouteami

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The real question here is, what filter is the on-again-off-again-on-again bartender using? His cheeks are so perfectly pink and rosy! Sorry, I’m having complexion envy. Back to business…

Jax is making sure he is being seen out partying with at a @fabfitfun event, looking very fab and fit and like someone I’d like to have fun with.

In all seriousness, Jax may be exceeding season 1 hotness. Those were the days! Shout out to the days of chunky sweater Jax. Sorry I got distracted again!

Here’s another endorsement deal… this time with an adorable friend…

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Not only did we have a blast shooting the @robertbarakett campaign for @nordstrom but I found the most comfortable shirts on the planet. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy and have a ton of shirts but nothing like these.. Ladies, you want to make your man happy this Christmas? Really simple, Get him a few of the softest shirts I have ever worn. I love them so much I got two in every color. Trust me on this. Go to Nordstrom or go on line get a few and Throw them in the stocking. Heads up, if you’re like my little lady that steals all my shirts to wear to bed, you might want to buy a few because you are gonna love them as well. ( I wear large,if you need to gage for sizing) #happyholidays #robertbarakett #nordstom #mensfashion #fashion #christmas #ad #spring2019 www.robertbarakett.com

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Jax and fan favorite blackout bartender, Tom Schwartz,  for Nordstrom’s @robertbarakett campaign. The guys are looking like a couple of cool and cozy comrades rockin’ relaxed looks. I bet Brittany and Bubba approve!

Have you noticed that Jax is morphing into Benjamin Button? He thanks @officialbhmd for his skin looking so healthy.

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First of all I want to thank everyone for the kind comments on how healthy I’ve been looking lately and how great my skin looks, after losing my father suddenly and proposing to my best friend, I wanted to make some changes with many parts of my life and my health was one of them. A long with hitting #litmethod® on the reg I am now also taking much better care of my skin. Many of you have asked what I have been using so this is it!! @officialbhmd has been my only skin care I’ve been using for the last six months, this stuff has worked wonders, as you can see. All three products I use every day, twice a day, once in morning and once in the evening. @drpay and @drjlayke have designed a product that has made me age backwards as many of you have said, and to me that was the best comments I have ever received. So here it is! I strongly suggest you check out the line and see what works best for you, if you have any questions please email @officialbhmd or @plastixdocs the guys are so friendly and will answer all of your questions!! Now go out and shop till you drop, but if your thinking skin care for you or that special someone… think @officialbhmd you won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping!🎄🎁 #ad

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I still think Jax is employing a magic filter for his photos, but I love a conspiracy theory. Regardless if it’s a product, a filter, or Jax taking on a vampire lifestyle to begin aging backward, it’s working!

Here’s an ad for @smilesciences, maybe Jax is thinking ahead for his family’s future dental needs.

Who knows? There may be a bunch of little Jax and Brittanys running around sooner than later, and dental work is expensive. Good strategy, Jax!

I have a feeling that Brittany’s thank you gift from Jax for all of her hard work wedding planning from @tartecosmetics was more of a trade-off for some publicity for the makeup brand.

If I sound like a hater, it’s only because I’m jealous. I know I’m not the only one who fantasizes about @tartecosmetics sending goodie bags to them.

I will leave you with one last endorsement deal. This one is the most significant, as this has generated some news.

Yes, that’s THE jeweler who ‘sold’ Jax a $70,000 engagement ring for his lovable and gorgeous fiance. I’d bet @kylechandesign took a hit on the cost of the ring in exchange for the publicity that Jax would generate for his store.


What do you think about Jax’s side hustle? Should he be focused more on building a business of his own, like the Toms have with Tom Tom? Or is he playing it smart by taking endorsement deals while they are available to him? Give me your thoughts in the comment section.

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