MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Season 35 Ep. 9

On this jam-packed episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, appropriately titled

May 28, 2020 9:12pm

On this jam-packed episode of The Challenge: Total Madness, appropriately titled “Backstabber,” we see lots of, well, backstabbing!

Josh wastes no time on rallying the troops against Swaggy after learning that he has been working with the ginger-bearded enemy, Wes. Swaggy’s game is exposed as he struggles to play it cool in front of Josh, to swim, and to hold his own during a confrontation with Josh while out on the town.

The ultimate backstabbing happens when Dee makes the brave (and dumb) decision to start discussing throwing in her “#1” Jenny. Rogan once again shows us that he has zero loyalty to Dee and goes right to Jenny to give her a heads up.

We say bye to the cutest Brit, Big Toe, I mean Big T when her foot injury from the last episode leaves her unable to compete. During the daily challenge, TJ had us actually rolling on the floor laughing with his sick burns.

Aneesa and Kaycee decide this is their time to go in and earn their red skulls when they nominate themselves for Purgatory. The ladies face off against Jenna and Kailah who both get sent home to try to sort out their hot mess relationships. Kaycee and Aneesa get red skulls and we are here for these two sticking around for another week!

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