Tiktoker Kenneth Pablon teaches us How to be Iconic

May 20, 2021 12:01am

Welcome back to the 12th episode of my podcast!!

Today I have titkok superstar Kenneth Pablon on today to share how he became viral on tiktok. Kenneth started trending on the app when he started posting hilarious content with his family sharing intimate details on what it is like to be gay. He has posted segments like “from a mom and a gay son” to teaching his straight older brother his bottoming routine.

Kenneth shares on how he became an influencer and what it is like to make money on only fans. We also have a surprise guest, his mom Patty! Kenneth and his mom make iconic tiktoks sharing advice on how to deal with men. They are so ridiculous and over the top that you cannot help but laugh watching the two of them together!

Kenneth also shares his story of coming out and posting on social media as man in a dress for the first time and how his mom has embraced his differences and has made a career out of it. He even dropped out of college with one semester left and makes all his money on social media! How he got his family on board to create these funny videos and if there is possibly a reality show in the works? It is a must listen!

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