What Can Tiger King Do To Maintain Its Popularity a Year On?

January 16, 2021 12:31pm

Tiger King took to the throne during 2020 to become the most-watched, most influential, and most important TV event of the year. While Selling Sunset, the Denise Richards drama on RHOBH, and the Monique/Candiace fight on RHOP were contenders, Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic, and the edge-of-your-seat twists and turns in their real lives took the crown. But how did the show become one of the most-watched Netflix shows – and what could happen next for Joe and Carole?

The show became a hit due to the characters featured, the mystery of the plot, and the zany events that would have seemed unbelievable had they been included in fiction. We were all pulled into the world of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Debates raged on whether Joe could be pardoned for his crimes – and whether Carole murdered her husband. Many fans are still enamored, nearly a whole year since the show aired.

Ready, Player Joe Exotic

Tiger King became the perfect storm of reality TV due to the broad themes covered by the show. The opportunities for franchising, merchandising and creating links beyond merely being a TV show. That helped it remain popular for the entire year since its launch. But developers should capitalize on this popularity (in the same way Carole Baskin is by doing Cameos).

For instance, could we see a Tiger King game? Almost any of the separate elements of the show could be gamified – such as a Rollercoaster Tycoon style game of the running of Big Cat Rescue or a mobile mystery game that could help uncover more clues in the sprawling mysteries.

Popular shows and movies can stay on as games long after they have left cinemas. For instance, a Lara Croft game on Genesis Casino in Canada, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs can be played in 2021. That’s three years after the Alicia Vikander film and nearly 20 since Angelina Jolie donned the green vest. The game helps keep the franchise alive – and provides something familiar for those looking for an exciting slot to play.

It wouldn’t be the first popular TV show or movie to become a video game, and not even the first in the reality sphere. Kim Kardashian’s app was extremely popular when it was launched in 2014. It even featured a cameo appearance from Erika Jayne, sucking in other reality stars and appealing to multiple fan bases.

Betting on Baskin

One of the biggest examples of how prolific the show became is that it became a contender for people to bet on. Bets included: who will play Joe Exotic in the inevitable dramatization of the saga; did Carole Baskin murder her husband; will Joe Exotic receive a presidential pardon (for services to television, perhaps?). The fact that the show has transcended to the bookmakers proves its place as one of the most-watched of the year.

Tiger King’s success not only as a reality TV spectacle but in wider pop culture shows just how powerful certain concepts can be. Maybe 2020 was a fertile ground for such a show, or maybe the elements of the characters, the storylines, and the wackiness of reality helped show that sometimes real life is actually stranger than fiction.

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