#TheJays Hunt For The Perfect Wedding Cake Is On!

Dallas is bringing the drama with return of RHOD and Cake Hunters with #TheJays!

August 16, 2017 12:20pm

Monday signaled the return of one of our favorites, RHOD season 2 and LeeAnne Locken! Lucky for us, the Dallas drama continues this week as LeeAnne’s friends Jay Michaels and Jay Roecker (known as “The Jays”) go on the hunt for the perfect cake for their wine cellar wedding. Michaels, a radio Program Director, and Roecker, a musician, can agree on three things: their dogs, their chickens and their love of music! However, when it comes to picking a wedding cake flavor for their big day, it’s Red Velvet vs. Peanut Butter?!?! The Texas-sized cake-off will also feature cameos by reality star friends, their four chihuahuas (including the dapper Mr. Pigglesworth) and chickens running amok!

Cake Hunters Season 2 Episode 11 featuring #TheJays airs on the Cooking Channel Friday, August 18 at 9PM CST.




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