The Rich Kids are Back and Brattier than EVER!!

Hit the jump to check out the best lines from the Season 3 premier

May 25, 2015 5:57pm


1. “YAAASSSS! I can fit into Chanel clothes now.” – E.J. Johnson


2. “I’m thinking 4 to 4.5 karats is kinda big. Ok… it’s really f******* big.” –Brendan Fitzpatrick


3. “I wore that dress…. twice. It’s fine she can recycle my clothes… I’m giving back to the community!” –Dorothy Wang


4. “Even if you’re a politician, you need to fess up to things. Like when Bill Clinton got caught getting head in the White Office… errrr Oval White Office?” –Jonny Drubel


5. “I’m really excited that a loser decided to talk bad about me online a few years ago because look at where it got me now!” –Morgan Stewart


6. “Calm down. I wasn’t there when you were thinking about how much you wanted to f*** my dad.” – E.J. Johnson


7. “Does he not look like Wilson from Castaway? He literally is the ball.” –Morgan Stewart


8. “WTF did I get myself into? This is gonna suck.” –Taylor Hasselhoff


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