The Best Bravo Related Instagram Accounts Part II

Lemme tell you somethin' about these accounts, they're as good as Caroline Manzo's cooking

March 11, 2019 9:48pm

Yeah, you could spend your day off doing yoga and cleaning and figuring out a retirement plan that isn’t just “die”, but it’s a lot more fun to stay in bed all day laughing as you scroll through Instagram. 

Check out part II of the most entertaining Bravo TV related Instagram accounts to keep you from doing anything productive ever again!


Just as entertaining as the podcast, twojudgeygirls’ Instagram page is filled with shade and snarky comments. They post regularly about everything reality tv related as well as occasional celebrity news, and they keep it more real than 80% of the housewives’ faces. The pictures are great, but it’s the hashtags that make this account one of the best out there. 

2 judgey girls


From short but sweet video clips to hilarious memes more detailed than a new pickup truck owned by someone with OCD, this Instagram account is always entertaining. 

bravo boy


Substitute “beer” for some type of wine that starts with “b”, and this account is everything I need in life. The account hasn’t posted in a couple of months, but scrolling through weed related memes of the Real Housewives is a hobby I’d recommend to all. 

bluns beer bravo


Want to know the latest fan theories? Look no further than this page. The account shares theories and opinions on everything reality tv related while keeping you up to date on the latest in Bravoleb and Kardashian news.

teresa walking

Which Instagram account is your favorite? Let us know below!

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