The Housewives' Most Dramatic Ex-Husbands: Part I

From behind closed doors to behind bars

November 12, 2019 1:30am

The housewives may stir up major drama, but sometimes it’s the men in their lives that seem to really excel in the drama department.  Many of the ladies’ ex-husbands were, and continue to be, some of the most over the top people on the show.

Some of them even go beyond dramatic to straight up lying, manipulative and in some cases, verbally abusive. Luckily, most of them just seem to be more of an annoyance than a harm.

Check out some of the most dramatic ex-husbands below!

Apollo Nida

Ah, Apollo — RHOA alum Phaedra Parks’ jailbird of an ex-husband. I mean, the dude sent his new girlfriend (whom he somehow got into a relationship with while he was behind bars?) to hang out with his ex wife’s friend group like. Messy, messy, messy. He also has alledgely made certain claims against Phaedra, like she’s keeping his kids away from him. He’s the one in jail, so he sort of did that one to himself.


disgusted/confused phaedra

Jim Edmonds

RHOC alum, Meghan King-Edmonds’,  soon to be ex-husband and ex-baseball player has been all over the news lately. Not only did he have that little virtual affair while his wife was pregnant, but then he filed for divorce behind her back amidst new nanny drama. Most recently, Jim went so far as to unnecessarily call the cops on Meghan. The dude is clearly a disgusting narcissist and needs to just stop spreading lies about the mother of his children.

mke rhoc shut up

David Beador

Another RHOC housewife, Shannon Beador, previously mended her relationship after her now ex-husband’s affair. They renewed their vows and everything, all for it to fall apart again. Honestly, I’d just be mad that the vow renewal was a huge waste of money (although with the comfy settlement she’s getting from him, I’m sure that doesn’t really matter now). All I know is that this over dramatic and rude ex-husband is metaphorically dead to me now.david dead

Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel from RHONY deserves everything good in the world and more after the lies and trauma her verbally abused and emotionally manipulative loser of an ex-husband is continually putting her through. It’s never okay to stalk someone, whether you know them or not. He needs to take Ramona Singer’s advice and get his own life, at the very least.

get a life ramona rhony

Check back later this week for Part II!

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