MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Season 35 Ep. 1

The sisters are back with the girlfriend's guide to the long awaited season of The Challenge: Total Madness!

April 2, 2020 10:09pm

The sisters are back with the girlfriend’s guide to the long-awaited season of The Challenge: Total Madness! In addition to their excitement about the new season, Ally and Leah are also excited to announce that they have joined the Taste of Reality network!

This season looks much different from the gorgeous mansions, mimosas, and general boujee-ness of other seasons. This time The Challenge cast is stuck in an end-times setting with nothing but a bar of soap and roll of toilet paper to keep them company.

Alliances are already forming on day one, some were obvious (Holy Trinity) and some took everyone by surprise (Bananas and Wes). Others were more concerned about finding their “cuddle buddy” for the season, or was Nany really just so concerned that Asaf might not be fitting in? Yeah right.

As usual, the sisters give you all the tea on how the cast has been spending their time outside of The Challenge house and what potential drama is coming.

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