The Challenge: Tinker, Tailer, Bunny, Spy

Ally and Leah recapping the latest episode of MTV's The Challenge Double Agents. Find out whose side we are on after that blow up!

March 5, 2021 3:01pm

Ally and Leah recapping the latest episode of MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents. With a crazy title like the one they had this week, we have theories as to what they may mean. Spoiler alert… We were wrong!

Back in the Crater, the security breach is activated and we talk through that double elimination between Josh Martinez vs CT and Devin Walker vs Darrell Taylor.

We have a new favorite term for the season, Tangerine Puzzles. If you know you know.

Leah gives us some fun background information on where Josh and Devin stand today in their friendship or lack thereof.

With four new teams formed there is plenty of emotions to be discussed.

The moment we’ve been waiting for! The Challengers finally get to leave the house and enjoy the hot springs of Iceland.

As we swoon over Kam and Leroy’s relationship we begin manifesting our invite to their wedding.

Find out whose side we take in the CT and Big T fireside argument.

Another Challenger bites the dust. This has to be a record for most injured cast members.

Tune in next week for our take on the Survive the Night challenge.

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