The Challenge: Reunion Part 1

Welcome to the Fessy Roast Fest where Fessy is Messin up and Fessin up! 

May 3, 2021 12:07pm

Welcome to the Fessy Roast Fest where Fessy is messin up and Fessin up!

Devin grows on Ally as he keeps it real all show long.

Kam, Leroy, and Nany make us emotional! It’s beautiful okay!!

We discuss Ashley’s CHOICE of an outfit.

Leah gives us the details as to why Nelson wasn’t on the reunion stage.

Josh is proven to be a snitch.

We still aren’t fans of Amber M.

In the end, we tell you all of the unaired moments we wish they would have shown us.

Next week we will recap the 2nd part of the reunion and name cast awards 🎉



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