The Challenge: Lady Vengeance

Ally & Leah recap episode 9 of MTV's The Challenge Double Agents

February 13, 2021 12:05pm

Lady Vengeance is making her way on to the Challenge this week. Ally and Leah are ready to recap everything that has been going on in the Challenge world. Listen now to find out who is vacationing together and what potential couple we are shipping.

It’s finally Trivia week! The one week no one is safe and there is always an award for the worst answer. This season we have to hand that award to Kaycee. Sorry, Wolves eat meat.

We do get a little serious as we discuss the sweet moment between Cory and Theressa. Postpartum depression is very real and very common. We talk about ways to help out a friend in need or how to reach out for help if you are currently experiencing signs of PPD.

Amber M waste no time telling Amber B (B is for backstabber) that she doesn’t like her.

This leads us to the discussion of political and social game, and why Amber M is not doing it right.

Theressa finds herself as the house vote going into the crater against Kaycee. After what seems like an agonizing battle Theressa leaves with the sweetest message to her kids. We’re not crying it’s our eyes sweating.

We finally get a preview of the midseason trailer and we know a purge is in the air!!

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