"Stuttering" John Melendez

December 17, 2018 3:18pm

This one’s a real treat for all you Howard Stern fans out there! John Melendez – better known as Stuttering John – spent a long time working for Howard and being a staple on the show. He was best known for his celebrity interviews which often times went sideways but were always hilarious. When he left to go work for Jay Leno he shook up his life and the show and the rest is kind of history. He’s out with a new book – EASY FOR YOU TO SAY – that’s a memoir of his life and spills a TON of juicy stuff about Howard, Gary, Artie, Jackie, the list goes on. And we get the whole story of his latest and maybe greatest prank so far – talking to President Donald Trump on AirForce One.

Category: Podcast Network, Reality of Reality Podcast

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