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June 26, 2018 2:05pm

There aren’t any shotskis, but there are plenty of opportunities for selfies inside the Bravo room at the traveling 29Rooms pop-up, coming to Chicago later this summer. The fun house-style, interactive exhibit just wrapped its short stint in San Francisco, where our friends over at GALUXSEE (our go-to website for travel inspiration based on where celebrities like Beyonce have gone), got to experience the three-part Bravo installation, titled “Everyday Escape!”


Walking up to room 20 of the 29 collaborative rooms, a neon sign that reads, “Looking for . . .,” sits atop three separate entrances, each adorned with Tinsley — er, rather, — tinsel that gives off more sparkles than a Housewives reunion. Fans are given the choice of FUN, ADVENTURE, or GLAMOUR, with each door opening up to one of three Instagram-worthy photo ops inside where “you can playfully immerse yourself in the entertaining world of Bravo.”



The “FUN” door brings you to a Southern Charm-branded floral porch swing, perfect for pretending you’re meeting Ms. Patricia Altschul for one of her Michael-made perfect martinis. (It’s too bad Craig Conover couldn’t get his sewing business together in time for a throw pillow or two to be included).



“ADVENTURE” leads to a Below Deck Mediterranean-inspired jacuzzi, filled with sparkly beach balls instead of water, because, you know, selfies.



And finally, “GLAMOUR” gets you to a twirling tower of glitter martini glasses since we all know “it’s not about the pasta” when it comes to all things Vanderpump Rules.



Taken together, it feels as though you’ve stepped inside one of those Summer by Bravo TV promos, which is a fitting vibe for a room that’s meant to reflect the network’s position as providing reality programs that viewers can watch to escape real life.


Fans can next catch the Bravo room at 29Rooms when it’s in Chicago from July 26-July 29, 2018. Tickets ($39 + fees) are on sale now.


And for more stargazing inspirations, be sure to check out the GALUXSEE website and follow on Instagram!


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